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Troubleshooting WPLib Box

Please Report the Issue on GitHub

Even if you do find a solution, please report the issue...

Even if you do find a solution please report the issue so we can either fix it or document it to make using WPLib Box easier for everyone.

If your browser times out

This in our most common issue

If you have WPLib Box installed more than once for the same local domain name it will unfortunately not load. And as long as we are still using Vagrant this will continue to be a problem. Fortunately, we will be off Vagrant soon enough.

If your browser times-out trying to load check your hosts file to see if you have more than one IP address entry mapped to the domain and its various subdomains.

Trouble with VirtualBox

If you have problems installing or running VirtualBox

First, try Googling the error messages you get when trying to install. VirtualBox is independent of WPLib Box and thus you will often find solutions online.

Problems with Vagrant

If Vagrant is giving you trouble

Try running vagrant up --debug to see if it can reveal any issues with your system that you are able to correct. You may want to redirect to a debug log so you can read the output in your text editor:

vagrant up --debug > vagrant.log 2>&1

If you can't find the solution to your problem using the --debug switch please provide your vagrant.log via Slack or GitHub or email at when requesting help.

Nothing Here Solved Your Problem

If you did not find your answer in any of the items listed

If you do not find a solution, join our Slack to get help from our team in the #box channel.

Don't be shy, we really do want to hear from you as it will help us make your experience with WPLib Box and everyone else's much better.

If your problem is Vagrant-related — as most WPLib Box problems unfortunately often are — please provide your vagrant.log as described above in vagrant up is failing. (We will be so happy once we have eliminated the need for Vagrant. Soon!)