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SSH - Secure Shell

SSH stands for "Secure Shell" and is the standard means of managing a Linux-based computer that is not your host computer. Typically this means a remote computer, but as WPLib Box runs inside of your host computer then calling it a "remote" computer would be a misnomer, but the principle is the same.

Said another way, SSHing into a computer is a way to gain access to running commands at a command line for that computer

SSH in Modern Culture

Secure Shell is all the rage for hacker movies and TV shows like Mr. Robot.

SSHing into WPLib Box

Depends on your host computer's operating system you access SSH slightly differently:

Once you have access to a terminal prompt type the following commands:

MacOS or Linux

cd /path/to/your/project
vagrant up
vagrant ssh


cd c:\path\to\your\project
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Commands Explained

In case you are new to terminal:

  1. cd changes what you host computer thinks is your current directory to that of your WordPress project's directory,
  2. The vagrant up command makes sure your WPLib Box virtual machine is running for your project, and
  3. The vagrant ssh command requests to enter your project's WPLib Box with a command prompt available.

On Success:

If you are successful, your screen should look like this:

SSHing into WPLib Box