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Configuring WPLib Box's Domain Name

By default WPLib Box configures itself to load using the domain name, assuming you allow it to update your hosts file. But this is probably not the domain you want to use to work on your client's website.

Choosing a top-level domain for local use.

In "early days" we local developers always used .dev for our local domains; e.g. But thanks to Google that is not really a good option anymore, especially if you ever plan to use Chrome.

So let's say your client's website is; we recommend you pick example.local (because we like it!), or example.test since .test is the shortest available name where the rug is not likely to be pulled out from under us in the future.

Changing the Domain Name

Assuming you stored your project in a subdirectory named example.local of a Sites directory then to change WPLib Box's domain name is as simple as updating HOSTNAME in that project directory, and then running vagrant reload:

MacOS or Linux

cd ~/Sites/example.local
echo example.local > HOSTNAME
vagrant reload


cd C:\Sites\example.local
echo example.local > HOSTNAME
vagrant reload

You can, of course, also load HOSTNAME into your IDE or text editor and change it that way too.