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Support Options for WPLib Box

Our goal is for WPlib Box to be your preferred choice for local WordPress development thus
we actively want to support you. So please, do not be shy or worry you might be bothering us. Learning about your experience with WPLib Box will allow us to make WPLib Box that much better for you, and for everyone else.


Slack for Urgent Help

Please join our Slack to get help direct from our team in our #box channel.

Also Slack for Non-urgent Help

And even if your needs are not urgent, we really do want to talk to you so we can learn how WPLib Box can better meet your needs.

Documenting Issues on GitHub

After contacting us on Slack it is really helpful if you can submit a GitHub issue for any bugs or feature requests to ensure we can track them until they are addressed.

Twitter to Ask Simple Questions

If you have a simple question or a feature request, please do not hesistate to tweet us at @wplib. You might also want to cc our project lead @mikeschinkel too.

One-on-One GoToMeeting Help

We are currently offering free one-on-one help sessions via our GoToMeeting account. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity — which probably won't last forever — just join our Slack and then direct message the WPLib Box project lead @mikeschinkel to schedule a session.