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Using WP CLI with WPLib Box

While you certainly can install WP CLI on your host computer and use it with your WPLib Box project, hopefully you won't have to as we've implemented WP CLI within of WPLib Box.


Unfortunately WP CLI is broken in 0.17.0 due to our changing the project path in the VM but not changing in the WP CLI container. This should be fixed soon in 0.17.1.

Using WP-CLI

WP-CLI is installed in the WPLib Box virtual machine so to use it you first SSH into WPLib Box and then run your WP CLI command, for example:

vagrant ssh
wp plugin list


Our implementation of WP CLI follows WPLib Box's philosophy of containerization and is thus implemented with our own Docker container.

Our wp command is itself is a Bash script which is designed to invoke the WP CLI container and that script can be found at /opt/box/bin/wp after you vagrant ssh into WPLib Box.

Current Limitations

  • The wp package subcommand is currently not supported. — This is due to the fact our WP CLI is packaged in a Docker container and currently our container does not support a method to add packages to the inside of a container. We do have plans to correct this, however.

  • Other commands may also have issues. If you find this to be the case please contact our support to let us know so we can address sooner than later.