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Using MkDocs with WPLib Box

While you certainly can install MkDocs on your host computer and use it with your WPLib Box project, hopefully you won't have to as we've implemented MkDocs within of WPLib Box.

Using MkDocs

MkDocs allows you to both dynamically serve documentation from Markdown files while you are writing your docs (just like you can dynamically serve PHP files from your web server), and then MkDocs allows you to build a static website from those Markdown files for hosting your docs on your web server.

Dynamically Serving Markdown

WPLib Box automatically serves the Markdown files contained in your project's /mkdocs directory to in your browser (or to whatever docs. subdomain is created by Vagrantfile when you add your own domain name in the HOSTNAME file.)

Write docs in Markdown

MkDocs allows you to write rich documentation in Markdown — great for documenting reusable plugins and themes — that you can then version control!

and view using the MkDocs built-in server which WPLib Box automatically configures

to serve from your project's '`/mkdocs

in a root or subdirectory of your web server containing the HTML, CSS and images that comprise a static copy of your documentation.

reads the /mkdocs.yaml file which you can learn how to configure here.

If you use our chosen default material theme you can also learn to configure via customizations, extensions and a cheatsheet.


so to use it you first SSH into WPLib Box and then run your MkDocs command, for example:

vagrant ssh
MkDocs install


Our implementation of MkDocs follows WPLib Box's philosophy of containerization and is thus implemented with our own Docker container.

Our MkDocs command is itself is a Bash script which is designed to invoke the MkDocs container and that script can be found at /opt/box/bin/mkdocs after you vagrant ssh into WPLib Box.

Current Limitations

  • Running mkdocs almost always starts mkdocs serve which is not particularly useful, especially if you are trying to run mkdocs --version or similar. We plan to fix this very soon.

  • Some commands may have issues. If you find this to be the case please contact our support to let us know so we can address sooner than later.