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WPLib Box Quick Start

The following looks a lot more complicated that it is. It is just that we wrote details instructions in hopes to allow you to breeze through.

1. Download the latest WPLib Box.
2. Download and install VirtualBox and then Vagrant (in the near future WPLib Box will not require Vagrant.)
3. Unzip WPLib Box into a new project directory; use ~/Sites/example.local or C:\Sites\example.local for this quick start.
4. Open a terminal/command prompt (in the near future WPLib Box will have an installer and a GUI to make using the command line optional!)
5. Change to your project directory, i.e. if your sites are in a Sites directory off your root:

MacOS or Linux

cd ~/Sites/example.local


cd C:\Sites\example.local

6. Open project.json in your text editor and change the line:

"hostname": "box.local",


"hostname": "example.local",

7. Type the following command:

vagrant up

Normally vagrant up takes about five (5) minutes to download. Of course duration depends on your download speeds. After that, boot up usually takes less than one (1) minute.

8. When prompted enter your password for your Mac, Windows or Linux host computer.

Or you can skip this step and manually add entries for example.local to /etc/hosts or C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. You should find the IP address you will need to add to your hosts file in the IP file of your project' directory.

9. Now visit http://example.local in your browser (The very first page load usually takes about 5-10 seconds, but after that they should be lightning quick.)

10. And that's it, you are now experiencing WPLib Box! :-)
P.S. Don't forget to Join our Slack to ask any questions you may have.